Our technique of surfacing enable us to repair all steel or cast iron workpiece cracked. Many references in Cement factories, Mines, Navy, Mechanics, Metallurgy, etc...

Press repairing by welding

We intervene and garantee the reconditioning of all workpieces

Welding and surfacing on cast iron : SOUDLOCK PROCESS

Cast iron surfacing on bearing of villebrequin W 38 WARTSILA

Cast iron soldering at low temperature

Cast iron surfacing of 10 mm on the bolster

Examples of surfacing on UD WARTSILA frames
Overview of the surfaced zone


Steel gear pair in process of welding with preheating

Repairs by welding on oven tyres, crushers, rollers,

Margin on oven tyres for the sugar industry Saint Louis

View of tyre after surfacing

Repairing of all Presses
E.M.R. repairs all cracked presses from 60 to 2000 tons. E.M.R. repaired by welding 18 meters of cracks, 80 mm thickness on a Press Rovetta 2000 Tons on the 4 supports of colones (picture opposite). Some references of Presses repaired by E.M.R.: Press SPIERTZ, BRET, REMIREMONT, SOCOPRESSE, BALCONI, BENELLI, BEADED, ARISA, etc... E.M.R. intervenes on frames, blocks, cranks, tools, etc...

Overview of a press Transfer 2000 Tons Rovetta

Welding of 18 Meters cracks on Rovetta press